Drastic changes in temperature favor the use of electronic devices that help us regulate the warmth of our home. The hottest months of the year can hardly be endured without using fans or air conditioning. However, its use worries many families because they do not know how much electricity consumption will vary.

In today’s article, we want to offer you tips on how to save with air conditioning. By following a few simple tricks you will put that concern aside and you will be able to dedicate the summer to what is really important: enjoying yourself.

How to save energy with air conditioning

If you are looking for how to use air conditioning to save energy, you are in the right article. Below we will offer you the recommendations endorsed by experts to reduce consumption and save energy. Keep in mind that these tricks will only be useful if you use them every time you turn on the air conditioner.

Take advantage of curtains and blinds to improve insulation

Air conditioning will help keep our home at a comfortable temperature, but there are other elements inside your house that can help you with the same task. Take advantage of the coldest hours -generally at night- to open the windows and raise the blinds a little. Also, leave the doors of your house open to generate a current of air and refresh your home naturally.

During the hottest hours, lower the blinds and close the curtains. In this way you will prevent the room from overheating and, in addition, you will help ensure that the cold generated by the air conditioning does not escape through any corner. Also, keep the doors of each room closed so that the house warms up faster.

Buy equipment with guaranteed energy efficiency

There are many tips on how to save electricity with air conditioning, but one of the most important is to get an air conditioner that is energy efficient. To know if your device is really efficient, you have to look at the SEER indices ( seasonal energy Efficiency Ratio, or summer scale). This index classifies appliances with labels ranging from A+++ (highest efficiency) to G.

To save on your air conditioner, we recommend that you purchase equipment with an A-label or higher (they are easy to recognize thanks to their green label). The models cataloged with the A+++ badge represent a 40% energy saving compared to those of other categories, so your purchase is a safe bet, discover the models of the Haverland brand.

Make friends with “Eco Mode”

If you are looking for an air conditioning model, in addition to looking at energy efficiency, we recommend that you try to buy one that has an eco mode. This function automatically adjusts the power by raising the temperature in the confrontation mode.

The eco mode can receive different names depending on the manufacturer’s brand: Smart saver, economy, Econo cool, energy control mode, etc. Despite the difference in names, they all work through the movement of blades -or flapping- that distribute the air throughout the room. This function can mean savings of 30% compared to other programs.

Install the air conditioner away from the sun

There are many types of air conditioning: without external unit, Split, cassette, ducted, multi-split, with heat pump, etc. Depending on the model you have, these will allow you to cool a single room or the entire house. However, regardless of the type of air conditioner you have, it is very important that the equipment is not exposed to direct sunlight.

If your air conditioner is installed in a place where it continuously receives heat, it will need more power to work and therefore the electricity consumption will skyrocket. We advise you to install it in a shady area or where the sun’s rays do not directly affect it.

Keep the air conditioner clean

Another trick on how to use the air conditioner to save energy is to clean it regularly. Air conditioners have filters that need to be cleaned at least once a year. To do this maintenance you must remove the filters and wash them with water and a cleaning product, but remember not to replace them until they are dry.

If the filters of your air conditioner are dirty, the device will need more energy to work properly and cool the room. Check the instruction manual of your device to find out if it needs any special treatment.

Regulates the temperature

The ideal temperature of the air conditioning to save is around 24 degrees in the summer months. Most homes prefer to put it between 20-21 degrees, generating excessive spending.

It is very important to bear in mind that the difference in temperature that must exist between the interior and exterior of the house must not exceed 12 degrees. Each degree above the difference can mean spending 8% more energy on the bill, so this element must be taken into account to save.

Use the different air conditioning programs

The efficient use of air conditioning involves using the different programs that are installed depending on the model you have. One of your best allies is the automatic programming that will turn off the device after a few hours or when the desired temperature is reached.

These tips will help you solve your doubts about how to save with air conditioning. We hope that the article has been useful to you and that you can enjoy a good temperature throughout the year in your home.

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