Reddit is a popular online messaging board with over a billion page views per month. Reddit has a lot of information on various topics from censored to uncensored and the best part about Reddit is that you can even access it anonymously without revealing your identity.

It is a community-driven website for users of similar and conflicting interests, passions, and hobbies. Be it discussing the fan theories for marvel movies, discussing the NFL live streams, or anything else in the world, Reddit makes you feel at home. However, many times, specific posts and comments are deleted by moderators, and it certainly drives other Redditors to need to know what was it about.

It is an online discussion website that gets hundreds of questions and comments posted on the platform on a daily basis and a lot of people use this website daily for discussion, Gain knowledge, or just to pass their time. but it is hard for Reddit admins or subreddit admins to monitor each and every comment or post so they have moderators or auto-spam detecting bots in place to flag irrelevant or spammy content and keep the community and discussion board as clean as possible.

Reasons Why Reddit Deleted Posts And Comments

There are various reasons as to why posts or comments get deleted on Reddit as the platform needs to moderate posts and comments and make sure that the comments posted by the users won’t hurt any other user in the community and if found then the posts or comments gets deleted. There might be multiple reasons because of which the comment or the post is removed from the Reddit platform. Below we are listing a few of the reasons:

  • moderators on the subreddits remove it.
  • Reddit Flagged the post or comment as spam or irrelevant.
  • The user account was removed from Reddit.
  • Post removed from Reddit.

If you are into spamming and violating Reddit policy for safe surfing, there is a good chance that Reddit itself deleted the posts and comments. However, they can still be read in the ways discussed in this article. Additionally, subreddits in Reddit can have additional policies, and moderators have the right to delete specific posts and comments to maintain the integrity of the subreddit.

Different Ways To Access Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments

There are several online tools to read deleted Reddit posts and comments on your Reddit community. It is easy but requires patience; this is because these online tools may not work all the time, and you may need to test these tools. 

1. Use Removeddit To Read Deleted Reddit Posts

Removeddit is a popular website if you are looking for deleted posts on Reddit. They are in the market for the past few years and serve a lot of cached copies of Reddit posts and comments. It is a  third-party website that has had a strong market for many years and is serving as a great tool for people to view Reddit posts and comments. 

Follow simple steps to use removeddit:-

  • Find and open the “deleted Reddit post or comment” that you wish to read. Though the post or comment is deleted, you can still access the URL.
  • Now, we need to “edit the URL” of that post.
  • Replace the “Reddit domain name with removeddit” and click enter.
  • You can now “view the deleted Reddit post and comment“.

Now you can view the deleted Reddit post or comment in the Removeddit tool. Removeddit also lets you see the recent Reddit posts removed or deleted. These posts are removed because they may violate subreddit guidelines, be marked as spam, or be deleted. At times Removeeddit tool is not available or not working; in such a case, you need an alternative tool that can help you read the deleted Reddit posts and comments. Ceddit is one of the best alternatives to use for Removeddit.

2. Ceddit To Read Deleted Comments On Reddit

Just like Removeddit helps you to retrieve back the deleted posts and comments, Ceddit also helps to achieve the same results and the process is pretty similar to that of removeddit. It will try and retrieve most of the deleted comments from the system but it might not be able to fully recover them as some comments might get deleted before Ceddit can cache them. Within a few years, this tool has gained immense popularity for allowing users to read the posts and comments deleted on Reddit. Though working similarly to Removeddit, it has a downside that users don’t like; the service is not available most of the time.

  • Find and open the “URL of the deleted post or comment” that you wish to read. Though the post or comment is deleted, you can still access the URL.
  • Now, we need to edit this URL.
  • Replace the word “Reddit” in the URL of the deleted post with “Ceddit.”
  • You can now see the deleted Reddit post and comments.

3. Resavr To Read Delete Reddit Comments Over 65 Characters

Resavr is another great tool to view deleted comments on Reddit. They only extract and save all the deleted comments which are 650 characters or more than that. The comments with 650+ characters might have a piece of valuable information hidden in them and Retrieving it might help a lot of people to view that information rather than recovering all comments. Also, it helps the website to save a lot of server space by eliminating short comments. This online tool is great to read comments that Redditors delete because they feel unsure. But these comments may be helpful to others, which is why Resavr is one of the best tools to look out in the list. Also, unlike Removeddit and Ceddit, this tool is always available and working.

  • Visit “Resavr” from your Android, IOS, or PC.
  • Click on the “recent option” from the right-top corner.
  • Now, you can see “all the recently deleted Reddit comments“.

4. Unddit To Read Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments

Unddit comments is a Chrome extension that allows you to cache Reddit posts and open them later. They use google’s IndexedDB to cache the Reddit pages into your browser. However, they are usually not working, or the service is down. Unddit is the best alternative to such tools and is still working compared to other popular tools. It works similar to Removeddit and Ceddit, where you will need the URL of the post or comment. 

  • Find and open the “deleted Reddit post or comment” that you wish to read. Though the post or comment is deleted, you can still access the URL.
  • Now, we need to “edit the URL” of that post.
  • Replace the “Reddit domain name with unddit” and click enter.
  • You can now “view the deleted Reddit post and comment“.

5. Unreddit- Chrome Extension

Unreddit is another Chrome extension that can help you to read deleted Reddit comments and also show removed Reddit posts. To use this extension, Go to the Chrome extension store and type “Unreddit” in the search box. Click the first option and click the “Add to Chrome” button. On the following popup box, Click “Add Extension” and wait until the extension is added. Now go to Reddit and open any post. the extension will automatically retrieve all the deleted comments for that post and show them to you. The advantage of using Unreddit over Un-Delete is that the feature is limited to comments on Un-Delete; while, you can read deleted posts and comments using this tool.

  • Open the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for the “Unreddit” chrome extension.
  • Click on “Install” to download and install the unreddit on your chrome browser.
  • You can now find the “Unreddit” icon in the toolbar.
  • Click on the unreddit icon when you find an interesting Reddit post.
  • That particular Reddit page is now cached, and you can use it in the future to read deleted Reddit posts and comments.


These are 7 tools that can help you read deleted Reddit posts and comments: 1. Unddit 2. Removeddit 3. Ceddit 4. Resavr 5. Unreddit .Unddit is one of the best working tools to read deleted posts and comments on Reddit. You might also want to consider using caching tools such as Ceddit and Unreddit if you sense the thread will soon be deleted from Reddit; in other cases, you can use Way Back Machine to access the cached version of Reddit pages if you forget to use the other tools.

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