Have you ever sent a direct message to someone on Instagram only to detect that it is remitted to the wrong person? Well, there is nothing to worry about, as Instagram has an option that permits you to delete your messages from both sides. So no matter how long it has been since you sent those messages, there is always an option for deleting the messages from both sides whenever you want.

One of the most popular Instagram features is the Direct Message (DM) feature. With DMs, users can privately chat one-on-one with their friends or create group chats. While several messaging apps are available, many people use Instagram as their leading instant messaging service.

At the same time, Instagram didn’t get designed to organize a whole chat log of DMs, and it shows in the relative lack of tools for managing your DM inbox. Your inbox can quickly become cluttered between messages from your friends, spam, and sketchy links sent by scammers.

About the Instagram Messenger

Instagram messengers like DMpro offer various services to make it easier for IG users to manage direct messages. For instance, DMpro, one of the pioneers of DM Marketing, allows users to:

  • Edit Direct Messages: Schedule sends direct messages automatically. (This feature works best when it comes to editing your Instagram post)
  • Access DMs from Email: Link your IG account to your email and manage DMs within it.
  • Mass DM – Send as many DMs to as many accounts as you like.
  • Auto reply: Use preset messages to reply to direct messages.
  • Link Multiple Accounts – Link more than one IG account and manage from a single dashboard.
  • Targeted DMs: Send DMs to designated accounts, new fans, existing fans, and even fans of specific hashtags.

The good news is that you have benefited from all these free features. All you have to do is check out DMpro and create a free account. Rest assured, no credit card is required and you don’t have to pay a single fee to use yours too.

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How to Delete Instagram Messages From Both Sides?

To delete direct messages from both sides on Instagram, hold down your Instagram direct message and click on the “unsend”. It will delete the message from both sides, and the person won’t see it anymore.

  1. To delete Instagram messages on both sides, long press on your message and tap “Unsend“.
  2. If you don’t send a message, it will be deleted on both sides, so the sender will no longer be able to see it.
  3. In other words, the person and you will no longer be able to see the message.

Here is a step by step guide on how to delete an Instagram message from both sides:

  • Open your direct message.
  • Long press your message for 3 seconds.
  • Tap “Don’t send” to delete the message on both sides.

Note that the “Unsend” feature only works if you’re trying to delete your message. If you want to delete someone else’s message, you can’t.

  • The only way to move a person’s message in the message list is to swipe left and then tap “Delete”.
  • This will eventually delete your conversation with another person.
  • However, the person you sent the message to will still has messages as they will not be deleted in the end.

It is important to note that the option to cancel sending is only for those who wish to delete the messages they have sent. You cannot delete the message you received from your friends. Therefore, you need to delete the conversation you had with that friend.

Does the person receive a notification on deleting messages?

The person will receive an instant notification when they send and don’t send a text message. This notification will be removed immediately if you don’t send a text message. There is a possibility that the recipient may not know that you have sent them a text message if they are informed that they are online at the time the message is sent.

That said, you should try not to text them too quickly so they don’t know you’re texting them. Even if they get a notification, they can’t know what message you sent them if you can delete it before they open a specific message box.

Does blocking someone on Instagram delete all messages?

No, blocking Instagram users has nothing to do with sent messages. If you choose to block someone on Instagram and go back to their message thread, the “Delete” option will appear. If you choose to remove the messages, they will only get deleted on your end. The other user can still see all of the communications you’ve sent.

The only way to remove messages from someone else’s account is to un-send them, but they must not have read them yet. Open the Instagram DMs, tap on their message thread, and long-press each message you’ve sent, then tap “Unsend Message.” Depending on your level of determination to remove each message you’ve sent to the user, this could take an incredibly long time, but it’s certainly a helpful feature.

Can all DMs be deleted at once on Instagram?

Instagram does not support deleting all your messages simultaneously, not even when using third-party DM deleting apps. You have to manually delete each conversation, one by one unless you use an app such as AutoClicker that sets automatic clicks.

Regardless of setbacks, you can delete entire conversations in one go. This option means you’ll only have to repeat the deletion process once per conversation, not once per message. It’s still a pain, but it’s a lot better than having to do it one message at a time.

Wrapping Up

 Instagram is mainly a platform to post photos and videos with your followers and to check out what’s going on in your friends’ and favorite celebrities’ lives, the social media platform also offers a feature known as Instagram Direct, which serves as Instagram’s own private messaging system.

Whether you want to reply to a friend’s Instagram Story or just want to have a quick conversation with someone you follow or who follows you, Instagram Direct lets you do it. IG’s messaging job is similar to other social media platforms like WhatsApp.

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